The central beach of Kiato is located within the Corinthian Gulf. The eastern part retains its natural morphology, while the central and western parts have undergone many interventions due to continuous development. It is 3 km long, 10-13 m wide, and has a northeast orientation. It is characterized by pebbles both in and out of the sea, while there are also stones in some places. The waters are generally deep. It is easily accessible. A section of it is organized with facilities for many water sports. The river Sethas flows into it at one point and the Ellisson stream at another. Along the beach, there is a paved pedestrian street and the church of Saints Constantine and Helen is located a short distance away. The area has cafes, taverns, and accommodations. It was recognized as a swimming coast in 1991 and is well protected from winds, except for southern ones. The port of Kiato is located 400-500 m away, and a small marina that accommodates around 250 small boats is about 800 meters away.

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