North of Lake Stymphalia, at an altitude of 700 meters and 56 km southwest of Corinth, lies the seat of the Stymphalia municipality, despite having only 165 inhabitants. Descending from the village, we follow the road that crosses the plain next to the lake, in a stunning landscape with intense alternations of lush vegetation, tall trees, abandoned and non-abandoned stone-built farmhouses, and well-cultivated fields, eventually reaching Kallianos. Along the way, we come across a watermill, which was built in 1850 and is located on the banks of the Sofainetos River. Kallianos, which is the seat of the Stymphalia municipality, is a simple characteristic village of the mountainous Corinthia that has restaurants, grills, and freshly made cheese products. The mansion of Oikonomopoulos is admirable, which is now used as a courthouse, but also the Monastery of Agia Paraskevi, which was built in 1904 and is located 20 minutes’ walk from the village, in a gorge. Leaving Kallianos behind and heading south, we follow the road that is on our left and east of the lake. This road connects the Stymphalia municipality with the Nemea municipality, as well as with the Levadia and Kandila regions of Arcadia, and is the eastern entrance to the area through the neck of Siourio. We follow the road that is on our right and uphill until we reach a plateau, where the Temple of Artemis stands, one of the most significant archaeological sites in the area.

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