Lake Doxa is an artificial lake located in Ancient Feneos of Corinthia, at an altitude of 900 meters. Its construction was completed in the late 1990s and was based on the Doxa river that flows in that area. In the past, the lake has flooded several times, covering the wider plain of Feneos and destroying the crops of the then inhabitants of the area. In the center of the lake, there is the chapel of Agios Fanourios. The chapel celebrates on August 27th, the name day of Agios Fanourios, as well as on the day of the celebration of the Epiphany, where the waters of the lake are blessed. Previously, there was the Monastery of Agios Georgios there, but due to the floods, it was moved to a nearby hill. The village of Goura is very close to the lake. The uniqueness of the landscape and the variety of activities make Lake Doxa a unique destination for visitors. It is surrounded by a forest of fir, black pine, oak, plane, and chestnut trees. Although the lake is located at a high altitude and is surrounded by mountains, it maintains a rich reptile and bird population, while its waters are visited by many aquatic and migratory birds.
Finally, in the idyllic landscape of the lake, many activities and events take place. The most important of these is the “Lake Doxa Triathlon,” which takes place every summer. Additionally, various sports activities are organized by the cultural association of Goura, such as walking races around the lake, canoe or kayak races, and cycling tours.
Did you know that:

According to mythology, this area was the residence of Poseidon, who would cause floods when he was angry.
Blue crayfish live in the depths of the lake!

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