Lalioti is a semi-mountainous village in the prefecture of Corinthia. It is located in the central part of the prefecture, 6 km west of Kiato, and administratively belongs to the Municipality of Sikyona since 1997. It borders the settlement of Dimini (Ano Diminio) to the northeast and the settlements of Megas Valtos (Megali Valtsa) and Mikros Valtos (Mikri Valtsa) to the west. From the village, almost the entire Corinthian coastline is visible, from Xylokastro to Corinth. The village is first mentioned in historical sources in the Venetian census of 1700 with the name Lalotti and a population of 20 families, while in the first census after liberation, the French census of 1830, it is referred to as Lalioti with a population of 27 families. In Antonios Miliarakis’ 1886 study on the geography of the Argolida-Corinthia prefecture, the village is mentioned as one of the five settlements in the Municipality of Sikyona inhabited by Greek population. The population is mainly engaged in agriculture. Its main agricultural productions are olive oil and Sultanina variety raisins.

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