The village of Mikros Valtos is located southwest of Kiato, at a distance of 16 km, at an altitude of 510 meters. It is surrounded by greenery. Pine forests decorate the surrounding area, while tall, old plane trees shade the streams, through which calmly flow the crystal clear waters that emerge in many points of the area. It has about 300 inhabitants, who are mainly engaged in agriculture (vineyards, apricot trees, pear trees, olive trees, lemon trees, etc.). The village’s contribution to the struggles of ’21 was significant. From a list issued at that time by the Demogerontia of Corinth, we see that Mikri Valtssa had contributed its proportion, which was: 4 rifles (soldiers), 32 okades of flour and 2 slaughtered animals. In the census conducted in 1828 by the mission accompanying the French General Maison, there were 26 families living in the village.

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