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When you hear Kiato, what comes to mind is the ancient theater in Vassiliko, the observatory in Cryoneri, and Lake Doxa. For many travelers, until recently, Kiato was just a seaside town. Today it is undoubtedly an attractive destination for those seeking low-profile and quality vacations.

From Ancient Greece to the present day, Kiato has always been special. From its beautiful beaches to its myth-filled and beautiful mountains. From the ancient theater to Lake Doxa, something always made Kiato stand out. It is a city that, once you get to know it, you love forever. Kiato is close to you and is waiting for you to visit.

The Municipality occupies an area of ​​602,539 square kilometers, of which 596,514 are rural areas, while 6,025 square kilometers are urban areas. The population of the Municipality amounts to 24,666 inhabitants, with 22,286 members in 7,183 households, of which 20,483 are citizens.

The seat of the new Municipality is Kiato, it is the second urban center of the Prefecture, as it gathers the commercial and administrative functions of Western Corinthia with its port having played an important role in the development of the region, since it was a hub for the export of citrus products of the Prefecture to Eastern Countries.

The personality of the Municipality

The connection of the Municipality with Athens via the suburban railway, as well as the completion of the major road axis PATHE (Athens-Patras) in combination with the national road of Kalamata-Tripolis-Korinthos, may differentiate the development model and bring about changes in land use (increase in primary residence, complementary transportation infrastructure).

The Municipality is developing rapidly in terms of residential and population growth, with coastal communities showing a strong trend towards urbanization, mainly due to the development of vacation homes. As a result of this trend, the population of coastal communities triples during the summer period.

The above comparative advantages, if combined with the natural and cultural resources (Lake Stymphalia and Doxa, archaeological sites, and the Museums of Sikyonia and Traditional Professions of Stymphalia), could create a tourism product that is quite differentiated and competitive, which would contribute to the extension of the tourism season, through the development of alternative forms of tourism and thematic and special forms of tourism.

The main characteristic of the local economy is the high participation in the primary sector (50.62%), with the dominant activity in the last decade being the cultivation of sultana and vineyards, as well as the cultivation of olives, apricots, citrus fruits, and livestock products.

How will you come?

From Athens

You can reach Kiato from Athens by car or public transportation, such as buses or trains.

To get to Kiato by car, you need to follow the Athens-Corinth National Road (EO8) and turn left at the exit for Kiato. The distance from Athens is about 120 kilometers and the driving time is about 1.5-2 hours, depending on traffic.

Alternatively, you can get to Kiato by bus from the Athens KTEL bus station, with destination Kiato, and walk a few minutes to reach the city center.

Additionally, you can reach Kiato by train from the Peloponnese station in Athens. Trains depart for Kiato every hour.

From Patra

The brand new Athens-Patras National Road brings you closer to us now with greater safety and comfort. In less than two hours, you can be where only a few could go before.


Transportation in the city.

By foot

Kiato is built in such a way as to favor walking exploration in the city. Equip yourself with a good mood and comfortable shoes to wander the streets.

By bicycle

Without steep hills or downhill slopes, Kiato is the ideal city for cyclists, ensuring comfort and safety for cyclists.

By public transportation

Public transportation gives you the opportunity to visit the surrounding beaches and villages around Kiato if you do not have your own means of transportation.

By taxi

The city has a large fleet of taxis that will facilitate your transportation comfortably to any point around the clock.

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