Titani is located 30 km southwest of Kiato, at an altitude of 580 meters, on the eastern slopes of Mount Vesiza (1,200 m). It has about 300 residents who are mainly engaged in agriculture. Visible and at a short distance to the northwest of the village is the fortified Acropolis of ancient Titane, the most important ex Urbis sanctuary of ancient Sikyon. According to Pausanias, Titane was named after Titanas, its first inhabitant and brother of the Sun. In ancient times, there was a temple of Asclepius here, which was built by Alexander when he arrived in Sikyon. The Asclepieion of Titani was a widely renowned healing center in antiquity, as the excellent climate of the area contributed to the treatment of many diseases. From the elements of the ritual that Pausanias mentions, it appears that the worship in this place was very ancient, perhaps of local gods, whose successor was Asclepius. Around the temple, there were buildings for the residence of patients and the temple’s servants. Inside the temple were the statues of Asclepius and his daughter Hygieia. The southern side of the hill where the entrance to the current cemetery is located was also the entrance to the ancient Acropolis in antiquity. To the south of the entrance was the extremely steep side, which remained unguarded, and to the north was the largest tower.

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