Vassiliko (Ancient Sikyon) is located approximately 9 km south of Kiato, at the end of a small winding road, on a small green plateau at an altitude of 140 meters. It has a population of about 1,000 residents, many of whom are entrepreneurs and employees, while the rest are engaged in agriculture.

The central, stone-built, Byzantine church of the Holy Trinity was built in the 12th century. To the west of the village is the archaeological site with significant monuments. Of particular importance is the magnificent Ancient Theater, one of the largest in Greece, which hosts the rich activity of the cultural organizations in the area, as well as the brick-built and well-preserved Roman baths, now housing the renovated archaeological museum. The foundations of the Hellenistic Sikyon’s Bouleuterion have also been uncovered, a spacious quadrangular building with four rows of columns inside, a Stoa, a Temple, and the Gymnasium, known as “of Kleinia,” the father of Aratus, which was built around 280 BC and is divided into two levels with communication stairs between them.

To the northwest of the theater is the ancient stadium, about 207 meters long. All of these testify to the wealth, importance, and glory of ancient Sikyon.Ancient Theater of Sikyon, Church of the Holy Trinity, Aerial view of the Basilica. The elevation of the Basilica, which formed the nucleus of Hellenistic Sikyon, was the most advantageous for a city of the time: a dirt hill, at the top of which a spacious plateau with a smooth surface is formed and steep from all sides.

Today’s village occupies only the southeastern corner of the elevation. Wherever one stands on the plateau, they see, like from a balcony, the fertile plain of Asopos up to Kiato and to the east the Corinthian Gulf up to Acrocorinth and Isthmos. North of the Basilica, within the enclosures, is the picturesque church of Agios Nikolaos, of the Byzantine period.

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