Visit Kiato!

Kiato, a region rich in history and natural beauty, awaits to welcome you on a journey of exploration and experiences. From ancient times to modern beaches, Kiato seamlessly blends culture with nature, offering a variety of activities for every visitor. Come and live an unforgettable experience in Kiato, where history, nature, and hospitality uniquely converge. Safe travels!

History of Kiato

Kiato has many stories to tell, and the first one begins from the very moment it exhibits a rich historical tradition, closely intertwined with Greek mythology. The city of Sikyon flourished during antiquity, especially from the middle of the 2nd century BCE. It is speculated that the first ancient drama in Greece was performed here.

Discover the Beauty and History of Kiato through Our Articles!

Here, you will find information about the attractions, local cuisine, cultural events, and hidden gems that make this town unique. Explore the best places to visit, must-do activities, and the traditions that keep the spirit of Kiato alive. We invite you to discover this beautiful corner of Greece and share your experiences with us. Thank you for reading!

Reasons to visit Kiato!

  •  History, Culture and Art in every corner.
  • A city full of life. Countless entertainment suggestions, experiential activities and shopping. Ideal destination for families.
  • Delicious food products from our land and sea. Corinthian Gulf is well known for its fine fish and seafood. Our blessed land produces the world famous Corinthian raisin, grapes, olive oil and fruit.
  • With the beautiful sea surrounding the largest part of the city, you get the feeling of an island.
  • Its symmetric urban design acts as a guide so that you will never lose your way in it. Whichever route you follow, it will lead you straight to the sea.
  • A modern, evolving city. Kiato provides you with everything you want from a city combining relaxation with the friendly atmosphere of a provincial town.

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